11 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2024

Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta - Indonesia



Day/Date         : Friday, 15 September 2023

Time                : 14.00 – 16.00 (Jakarta’s Time)

Location          : Hybrid Stage 1 – Pre Function Hall D2

Link                 : https://vexpo.iee-series.com/agenda/

The “Industrial Sustainability Updates” event is dedicated to advancing sustainability in the Energy and engineering sectors against the backdrop of climate change. The event highlights collaborative efforts among diverse stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and NGOs, to strike a balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and societal well-being. The focus is on achieving sustainability within Indonesia’s context, where various programs and regulations have been initiated to support the cause. Notably, the “National Energy Policy” aims for a 23% increase in renewable energy usage by 2025.

The event emphasizes the significance of partnerships in fostering sustainability. Collaborations facilitate the exchange of knowledge, the sharing of resources, and the adoption of renewable practices, energy efficiency, and waste management. Challenges such as complex regulations, technological advancements, and differing priorities underscore the need for united efforts to overcome barriers.

Proposed Speakers: 

  1. Ben Wielgus – Head of Sustainability at Informa PLC
  2. Tri Mumpuni – Vice of Advisory Board, PJCI
  3. Moshe Rizal – Investment Committee Chairman of ASPERMIGAS

Proposed Moderator: Natalia Rialucky Marsudi – Fairatmos CEO