11 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2024

Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta - Indonesia


A one-stop platform promoting sustainability programs at exhibition level in energy & engineering sectors

Jakarta, September 14th, 2022. Today PT Pamerindo Indonesia once again opens the largest exhibition in Southeast Asia, the Indonesia Energy & Engineering (IEE) 2022 Series, which incorporates 5 internationalstandard exhibitions for the following vital sectors of the Indonesian economy: Electric & Power Indonesia, Oil & Gas Indonesia, Mining Indonesia, Construction Indonesia, and Concrete Show Southeast Asia at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran. This event, being held until September 17, will put the hybrid concept into practice to accommodate both offline and online visitors. It gathers more than 1,100 participating companies from 42 countries/regions with over 2,700 products and services that prioritize renewable energy, sustainability, young talent empowerment, and numerous technological innovations in energy and engineering.

After two years of only doing online exhibitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PT Pamerindo is delighted to be able to bring back the physical elements in addition to the online show. As such, exhibitors and visitors will be able to experience innovations and new technologies online as well as in person. In addition, this event is a corner stone in Pamerindo’s efforts to support Indonesian economic growth by fostering an environment that encourages investment and economic development. According to Lia Indriasari, Event Director Energy & Engineering Series – PT Pamerindo Indonesia, “The IEE 2022 Series with the motto “Back to Market” will be actual evidence of the industrial development in Energy & Engineering. This exhibition will be a platform for various parts of the economy, particularly crucial sectors, to link up and generate the synergies needed to stimulate economic growth and thus economic recovery. It is our goal to generate more investment – foreign and domestic, including to generate technological exchange and international trade.” She further stated that Indonesia needssupport from all industry players to reach the government’s recovery goals.

Based on the Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data, the Indonesian economy grew significantly in the second quarter of 2022 to 5.44% (Year over Year), in which the mining and construction sector contributed 4.01% and 1.02%, respectively. There is no doubt that this growth was achieved in response to the industry trend that moves towards digitalization and that the government plays an important role in accelerating it in diverse sectors. Sidarto Danusubroto as a Member of the Presidential Advisory Council elaborates, “The Indonesian economic growth is related to the government’s support for digitalization and investment. This is especially visible in the energy and mining sector. For instance, Indonesia has just adopted the 5G technology for Smart Mining in Eastern Indonesia, the first in South East Asia. What does it mean?
Considerable opportunities are opened up for the digitalization of working process in the energy, construction, and infrastructure sectors, especially in terms of operations, and the government takes pride in the participation of young talents.” In addition, he asserts that the government has included human resources development as the mainstream of national development strategies to accelerate economic growth, and advocated the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG).


In the opening of the IEE 2022 Series, Basilio Dias Araujo as the Deputy for Maritime Sovereignty and Energy Coordination conveys that the energy sector also needs qualified human resources, who are able to implement digital technology. “The energy sector is one of Indonesia’s largest assets, which requires efficient management. Improvement of human resources capabilities and digital technology are several attempts to realize it. In fact, the current implementation of renewable energy (EBT) as the main effort to achieve energy security has just reached 5% of the 30% target in 2045,” Basilio reveals. He explains further that the EBT and digitalization in the energy sector are highly important to accelerate the green energy transformation and accomplish zero carbon emissions in 2060, as well as to implement the previously planned SDG programs related to energy security.He then expresses his appreciation for this event as it manages to coordinate all energy & engineering industry players in support of the government in implementing 11 out of the 17 SDGs, including renewable energy, creating job vacancies, economic growth, technology innovation and infrastructure, cooperation and investment opportunities, etc.

As for Pamerindo’s commitment to the public, government, industry, and environment, Lia Indriasari also stated that all aspects of this event overall align with the sustainability programs. She closed her opening speech saying, “I am very proud, because the current IEE 2022 Series executes 11 sustainable development goals that will support Indonesia to realize its 2045 vision to be a developed country and be included as one of the 5 global economic forces with its excellent human resources quality.”During the opening, Pamerindo launches a new program, GIFA and METEC 2023, in collaboration with Messe Düsseldorf Asia (MDA), Singapore, to hold the Metallurgy and Foundry Exhibition in Indonesia in 2023. In support of the diverse innovation and excellent resources, this event will prioritize different premium features, such as business meetings, product presentations via podcasts, and live reports from the show floor. It will also provide an AI-based application for the visitors and host 20 hybrid seminars with 40 related experts.

About Pamerindo Indonesia

PT Pamerindo Indonesia is the leading trade fair organiser in Indonesia, established with the sole purpose of organising specialised trade exhibitions for the Indonesian market. The company has grown considerably and now regularly organises over 20 trade exhibitions in the following sectors: Beauty, Building & Construction, Electric & Power, Food & Hotel, Laboratory, Manufacturing, Mining, Plastics & Rubber, Oil & Gas sectors. Since its inception PT Pamerindo Indonesia has organised over 200 international trade exhibitions in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

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